Penny board and longboard, you can also call them skateboard. However, they’re not entirely alike since each of them is made for a specific purpose.

For those who’re still wondering what are they and how well do they perform, our post would provide you the important knowledge about each type of board and their features. After that, you can decide whether you should choose one from the other depending on your preferences.

What are they?

The penny board
The penny board

The penny board is a type of plastic board which name comes from the same company that produces it, Penny Skateboards. They’re often referred as “short cruisers” due to the extremely small sizes. And although they have a plastic deck, the board is still relatively durable. Penny boards are becoming quite popular these days thanks to their fashionable design and functionalities.

On the other hand, longboards come with bulky sizes and are usually used for terrain and downhill skating. Due to their strong deck and relatively larger wheels, these boards are perfect for both doing tricks and high-speed skating.

Now, let’s compare the two to see which one is more suitable for you.

Penny board



From my experiences, the biggest reason why people choose penny board over other types of skateboards is because of their extreme portability. This is large because of the small sizes of penny boards. For the smallest version, you’ll get a skateboard that is roughly half the size of a longboard. Hence, you can keep it in your backpack or knapsack, and carry it around with you.

In additions, since these boards are made from plastic, they also come with relative lightweights. This makes them comfortable to carry without feeling tired. In facts, you’ll not notice the weight difference at all.

A quick reminder, when choosing a penny board, it’s best to go for the original board which usually come with the standard length of 22 inches. This would maximize the portability of your board. On the other hand, if you choose the nickel version, you’ll likely be disappointed. The reason is that it would be more reasonable to choose a standard skateboard which also comes with the same size, and you’ll be able to do lots of tricks on it.

Great for short-distance transportation

why people choose penny board over other types of skateboards
why people choose penny board over other types of skateboards

And thanks to the excellent portability, you can bring your board everywhere with you. And if you want to travel to a near location, you can just hop on the board and cruise to your destination. It comes with decent speed and the small wheels would make the acceleration quite simple.

On the other hand, the small sizes make your board extremely flexible when moving in a crowded road and crossing small passages. Hence, many people want a penny board, even when they’ve already had a perfectly good longboard.


Another thing with penny boards is that they tend to come with colorful and catchy graphics. This really elevates your styles and makes your board stand out from the other. Hence, many guys and girls who’re a fashionholic might find these board useful

On top of that, I personally find girls who ride on penny board extremely attractive. Their tiny feet and the penny board make a great combination.

Protect your shoes

And if you’re worried that your shoes might get torn up by riding on a regular skateboard, well, you’ll never have to think about it with penny boards. And the reason is that they literally have no grip tape, only a rough surface to maintain a slight level of grip for you to stand on. Hence, you’ll be confident enough to wear your favorite pair of shoes cruising around without breaking them

Easy maintenances

The only component that would need your attention on a penny board is probably the bearings. But for the plastic deck, you won’t have to worry anything about it. You can take your board out for a ride even when it’s raining without worrying the water might damage the wooden deck like on a longboard. And due to its plastic nature, you can clean your deck with little bustle and hustle.


the pricing of penny boards
the pricing of penny boards

Less stability

Most beginners or first-time skaters on a penny board would find it extremely difficult to gain stability on the board. This is largely because of the tiny deck can’t provide enough stability. Not to mention that you would also have small standing space, making it more difficult to maintain the balance on your upper body.

Not good for doing tricks

When it comes to tricks, you would have to rely a lot on the flex of the deck. And with plastic decks, you would likely to find it extremely difficult to perform your favorite tricks due to their stiff nature.

Can be more expensive

And since penny boards come with plastic decks, the manufacturer must use high-quality material to ensure that their plastic board won’t break like any other cheap plastic boards. As a result, to compensate for the manufacturing costs, the pricing of penny boards can be a little more expensive compared to other wooden boards.


 the larger diameter enables longboard
the larger diameter enables longboard


Stronger and sturdier

Most longboards are made of Maple plywood or high-quality carbon fiber, this allows them to be extremely strong and sturdy against sudden impacts. Despite that, due to their wooden nature, longboard decks are still relatively flexible and responsive.


Most longboards feature larger wheels with high-profile sizes. This allows them to absorb impact while maintaining relatively a good stability on different terrains. Moreover, the larger diameter enables longboard to attain higher speed compared to standard skateboards or penny boards. Hence, for long distance traveling, a longboard would be a better choice.

More stable

With the huge deck, longboards provide better stability for its skaters. This is easily noticeable when you’re riding at a high speed, the wide trucks, high-profile wheels, and larger deck would make your longboard extremely reliable and reduce the effects of speed wobbles. In additions, on a longer deck, you’ll have more place to stand on. Thus you can stand with your leg wider apart, making the upper body more stable.

When going on tough terrains, the large wheels will do a great job at keeping the stones and pebbles out of your ways. Grasses or small chunks of dirt would also less likely to stuck on your wheels when riding.

Good for multiple purposes

With all the impressive features, a longboard is extremely versatile and can be used for multiple purposes. You can use it for downhill racing, cruising, and doing certain tricks.


The first noticeable disadvantage of a longboard
The first noticeable disadvantage of a longboard


The first noticeable disadvantage of a longboard is probably its size and weight. Due to the significantly heavier weight and larger sizes, you can’t carry your longboard around like a penny board, or even a regular skateboard.

More maintenances

With longboards, there will be a lot more maintenances need to be made since you’ll not only use it for casual transportation like a penny board. The bearings would need frequent cleaning and greasing to perform well. And you must clean your grip tape often to maintain a good level of grip for doing tricks and high-speed cruising.

Hope you’ve know whether you should choose a penny board or a longboard. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in our future posts.